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SSL Secured cPanel/WHM Control Panel

A real SSL certificate is used to secure your control panels, not one that is self-signed. This means no popups with security warnings. You can access your control panel with ease of mind to know that all communications are securely encrypted and safe from prying eyes.

Daily Offsite Backup

Daily offsite backups are done of the OS and all client data. Customized backup solutions are available if clients have the need for automation to occur and multiple rotating backups to be kept for a certain period of time, these can also be made available via ssh+rsync or sftp.

Online Backup Facility

Online backups of data can be created using the control panel. This allows backups to be created anytime and from anywhere with web access. This is especially important before major updates are deployed so a recovery point is established just incase.

Web Stats & Analysis

​ A range of web stats and analysis applications are available to be used for graphically representing visitors to hosted content. Awstats, Analog Stats and Webalizer are supported providing a wide range of statistical analysis methods for anyone's taste. Thorough analysis of web traffic is the first key to providing users with a smooth web experience and to concentrate on portions of a website which need help.

RAID-backed Storage

For additional redundancy, we make use of RAID5 and RAID10 backed storage arrays. We have a highly skilled engineering team that monitors every aspect of our cloud platforms and hosting systems to spec the exact requirements for hosted client. Our storage arrays are generally on a 1-2hr replication delay onsite to a backup array. This allows for an unmatched level of redundancy we've seen little of in the hosting industry. Spare drives are kept added to the array to ensure that if one should fail at anytime there is a drive ready to be used in its place. All drives are tested at minimum once a week with a long offline test. Any drive failing this test or showing any increase in a prefail counter causes an immediate alert to systems engineers. Spare disks are also kept onsite to replace any drives that fail

Premium Bandwidth

​Premium bandwidth is supplied for all our hosting solutions. All platforms are connected via 1Gbit/s dedicated uplinks with an additional uplink to a separate backup network. Bandwidth usage on all platforms are carefully monitored and automatic anti-DDOS gear is in place to mitigate attacks on our clients sites.

Stable Hosting Platform

All platforms run enterprise Linux distributions in a cloud based environment, this provide high reliability and update of all services. This means that the host platform itself is just a node in our cluster, running a virtual cloud environment where the hosting platform lives. This virtual environment is highly redundant and doesn't depend on any one node to be up or available in order for it to run.

Dedicated Support Staff

Our support staff are available 24/7/365 and are extremely dedicated in what they do. If you have any problems or technical questions you need expert advice on, please drop us a support request. Assisting our clients is one of the aspects of our business we take the most pride in.

Free Site Migration

​ Our friendly support staff will help you in any way they can to migrate your clients data over to our hosting platforms. Just drop us a support request with what platform the content is currently hosted on and what features and we'll be more than happy to assist you with your migration from your current provider.

Geographically Diverse Nameservers

Currently nameservers are located in Manchester, UK and Pennsylvania USA. It is easy to see if a host know what they're doing, if their NS1 and NS2 are one IP apart they don't. Nameservers which are in geographically diverse locations allow your domain name records to be answered even in the very unlikely event the hosting platform or the other nameserver is down. Having both nameservers on the same platform and answered by the same system service make no sense and renders no redundancy.

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