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Below is an Explanation of our FUP procedure should you so choose to be included in this pool. *Prices for FUP usage on request.

Uncapped Thresholds:
Connection Line Size FUP Level
UNCAPPED 4 Mbps 70Gb
UNCAPPED 8 Mbps 80Gb
UNCAPPED 10 Mbps 100Gb
UNCAPPED 20 Mbps 200Gb
UNCAPPED 40 Mbps 250Gb
UNCAPPED 100 Mbps 300Gb
UNCAPPED 200 Mbps 500Gb

After hitting the FUP the service will be put into a different pool which on 40M would provide you a minimum of around 2-2.5Mbit/s worst case and maximum of 40M depending network utilization at peak times.
The guarantee of around 2-2.5Mbit/s is the equivalent speed in terms of cost price without contention.

How our system works is it takes the price we bill clients, works out the cost price and allocates that bandwidth to the pool for each client online (be it business, standard or home).
Each user is then assigned a speed equal to that cost price with the ability to burst.
Each pool is then prioritized to receive bandwidth in the order of Business > Standard > Home > FUP.
Being put into the FUP pool means that the home user pool gets priority over bandwidth. So the the Extra R100 or so we charge above our competitors, its really worth it not to have an FUP.